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Trenčín has the best Chronicle of all Regional Cities

(25.03.2013)   It was Thursday, March 21, when the results of the 7th annual competition, called Slovak Chronicle of 2012,...   more 

New Investor comes to Industrial Park

(08.03.2013)   This spring, a Trenčín-based company, PrintAlliance AM, s.r.o., plans to build a production hall inside the...   more 

Trenčín looked to as Management Model for Slovakia

(04.03.2013)   Of 39.7 million Euro, the initial debt the City inherited, 23.6 million remain outstanding as of the end of...   more 

Route Modernisation is Under Way

(29.01.2013)   People of Trenčín noticed first active construction works as early as in February. Preparatory activities...   more 

Trenčín is more Transparent

(17.12.2012)   Transparency International Slovakia assessed how the Management of the 100 largest municipalities practices...   more 

Hole in the City Centre disappeared

(16.11.2012)   More than four years had to go by before the infamous pit in the centre of Trenčín finally disappeared. It is...   more 

Trenčín ponders founding a Tourism Organisation

(10.10.2012)   City of Trenčín considers founding a regional tourism organisation called: "Trenčín a okolie" /Trenčín and...   more 

Underpass next to Hotel Elizabeth open

(05.10.2012)   Elevators installed on both sides of the underpass near Hotel Elizabeth were put in operation on Friday,...   more 

City able to cut Debt despite Crisis

(02.10.2012)   Whereas as to February 29, 2012, each of the inhabitants of Trenčín had a debt corresponding to 515 Euro, the...   more 

Hotel and Roman Inscription accessible again

(14.09.2012)   With almost two years of reconstruction works passed, the former hotel Tatra is open to the public again,...   more 

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